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Can't we all...

Thanks to Matt Podboy for highlighting another journalist ‘calling out’ shoddy PR.

The tension between PR pros and journalists is at the same time both silly and totally justified. It's silly because we need each other and, done right, we help each other do a better job. It's justified b/c it is done right far too infrequently, as Network World’s Paul McNamara points out.

I agree with Matt that it's generally bad form for journalists to call out flaks. The problem is our industry keeps giving them so many opportunities to do so! We have an obligation to be professional, creative and thoughtful – even in the face of client and supervisor pressures. (And yes, journalists, too have a reciprocal responsibility to the PR community…responsiveness should not be just a one-way street when they want access to a client and are on deadline.)

Frankly, it’s really not that hard. Giving people what they want is almost always a sure fire way of getting what you need.


Blogger Matthew Podboy said...

I like that, Jesse. Giving people want they want is a good way to get what you need. I agree that we should highlight more of the successful journalist/PR relationships. It's like anything else though, we tend to hype the carnage instead of the victory, but I'll do my part if you will. -Matt

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