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The king is dead! Long live the king!

Robert Scoble is touting the 'demise of big conferences' using Colin Cambell's analysis on the collapse of E3 as a jumping off point.

There's certainly validity to the arguments to be made against big shows (in fact, I've made them myself to many clients over the years). My fear is that the pendulum may swing too far. Sure, a blog may be a more effective news dissemination vehicle than a conference. (In yet another fact, I'd argue that for most companies big conferences were poor venues to break news even before the advent of blogs.) And, yes, the Internet allows people to interact and collaborate in exciting and myriad ways.

But you can't convince me that means there is no longer a place for like-minded people (or at least people with common interests) to gather and meet in-person. All businesses are built on relationships. And relationships cannot be nurtured through electronic channels alone.

I'm a fan of blogs (duh) and am fascinated and energized by the what else is going on in new media/Web 2.0/citizen journalism. But just like conferences...and press releases...and analyst media tactics should be considered arrows in the quiver, not magic bullets.


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