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Enough already.

Old media vs. new media. TV vs. video blogging (Amanda disagrees with Jeff on that one...I'd argue it doesn't matter who is right, but Jeff makes a good point about the path of least resistance.) Publishing vs. conversing. Much ado about nothing.

"New media" is merely a label 'we' have chosen to talk about the latest collection of tools for publishing content (in only becomes a conversation if others engage) and sharing points of view. Certainly, these tools are making it much easier - and there is tremendous value in that. But they are only means to an end.

It's not trendy to admit this, but consumers and citizens have always been able to participate, it just wasn't as convenient. Op/Ed pieces, fan clubs, choose your own ending books, town hall meetings, the right to vote....the spirit of participation and conversation has long existed (in this country, at least).

So, can we stop pretending that the tools matter more than the outcome? If I want to cut down a tree, I'll use a chainsaw. If I want to slice bread, pass the knife, please.

What will determine winners and losers is the quality of the content and conversation, regardless of the medium. And hasn't this always been true, too? Anybody remember the sitcoms Jason Alexander did after Seinfeld? Didn't think so. (If there is a downside to new media tools, it is that the drivel spicket is now wiiiiiide open.)


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