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Vocus now has blogger profiles

During a recent training one of my teams was given on Vocus, the trainer mentioned that the service had just recently added bloggers to its database. Obviously, reaching bloggers is important to me and my clients, so I'm very much in favor of anything that is going to make that job easier - and I applaud Vocus for staying current and relevant. However, I am a little nervous about the concept of using PR 1.0 tools to conduct PR 2.0.

In theory, there should be no danger here b/c every PR practitioner would always perform due diligence before sending a pitch. (But we all know that, sadly, that isn't always the case.) My fear is that making it so easy to find bloggers will only encourage lazy PR. With so much sensitivity and discussion about the rules of blogosphere engagement, this could be a recipe for disaster.

Certainly, there were tools (Technorati, etc.) available already to research bloggers, but at least a) it required real research and b) it put the researchers in the new media realm, where you can't help but learn.

I'm not suggesting that we exclude anybody from PR 2.0, but I do hope the introduction happens the right way and spirit.


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