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Credit where it's due

While there is still much to criticize (although not as much as some would have you think...) in the Edelman/Wal-Mart debacle, I do have to give credit to Richard Edelman for trying to take the right steps. I posted a comment to his blog yesterday basically saying that we needed more in the way of explanation of what Edelman is doing to ensure something like this doesn't happen again. He responded to that immediately with a somewhat vague answer (which was all I would have expected) and then I got the following e-mail follow up from him today:

"We are having our Me2Revolution gang (Rubel, Murray, Gomes etc) go on the road to all of our office to explain our standard for transparency.
We are making this a core part of Edelman University
We are going to have a central clearinghouse for social media programs
We will walk the talk!"
Credit to Richard for a) realizing that his initial answer wasn't sufficient and b) providing me a more satisfying one when he could've just let it be.
Let's hope this type of follow through is indicative of how Edelman is addressing the root problems that got them in this mess to begin with.


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