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They will always find a way

I was one of those calling for Edelman to outline what they were going to do to be sure it didn't happen again. Now that they have, I find myself questioning the merit of doing so. Below is a note I sent to our staff today. Am I being simplistic and naive?

"One of the topics discussed during this week’s social media training was the notion of credibility and transparency in a world where everyone can be a publisher. A recent example of how not to do it is the Edelman/Wal-Mart debacle. Earlier this week, Edelman apologized – a move that was met with a chorus of “Too little, too late! and “So, what are ya gonna do about it?” (For my thoughts on the matter read the first two posts here.) The firm today outlined its initial steps.

As more and more clients are calling on Matter to advise them on social media, it can feel like quite dangerous territory. Certainly, look at what Edelman did and learn from it. But, really, if you apply common sense and act as you would in any other medium – with integrity, honesty and openness – it shouldn’t be all that hard."


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